LAYERING: An effective layering system consists of three layers that work together to insulate, manage moisture and protect from the elements in all conditions. Plythal has engineered our apparel to be the most lethal layering system from whatever mother nature throws your direction. Designed to create an outer layer for protection, a middle layer for warmth, and at the core, a solid base layer for warmth and comfort to battle the coldest of days.

Depending on your activity, we have nvarious styles of base layers. Comfortable enough to wear solely as a layer after shed-ding outer layers when temperatures rise. Quality outer fibers allow your base layer to slip on and off with ease. High quality textured fibers have amazing heat-retaining qualities as the temperature plummets.

Early season warm to high temps. Active pursuit of game animals. Temps reaching in the 80s-90s and above.

Properly layering for the weather will greatly improve your odds of success by staying comfortable in the field.

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One of the most effective ways to continue your pursuit of the game you seek is by layering effectively with the right clothing. Plythal has developed a Lethal Layering Technology that allows the hunter or outdoor enthusiast to maximize warmth with layers that with each other for maximum comfort and mobility. Your layering system is not only meant to keep you warm, it’s meant to keep your dry which is imperative when pursuing various mammals. Layer 1.0 is meant for early season and drier temperature hunting. Ultra-thin layers that provide a minimal amount of warmth and maximum amount of comfort. Layer 2.0 is for mid-season when temps are reaching closer to Celsius. Layering with Mid-weight clothing will keep you in pursuit when others have given up. Layer 3.0 is a very comfortable layer that adds maximum warmth while allowing stealthy movement and flexibility. For the ultimate in layering, top off the system with the Prima-Heat or Down Warmth Jacket and Pant.