Plythal Army

A Dedicated Army

Plythal Technical Gear has been built on the strength and dedication of hunters across the U.S. We are proud to have a select group of men and women who represent who Plythal is and what we value most. Our pro staff is filled with hunters who take to the woods all season, sit in their stand for hours and leave the woods with a smile on their face. These fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and best friends have traveled all over the country while hunting deer, elk, bear, hogs and moose. Discover how these teams took the Power of Plythal on every hunt and came back with impressive trophies and thrilling stories to tell.

We have been developing our products for three years. We have spent countless hours in the lab testing our products and we knew as hunters, the ultimate tests would be in the field. Our prostaff and employees have been taking our products all over the nation and soon to be world to use them in an incredible variety of hunting conditions. We asked our staff to push these garments to the limits. To know where we can improve and learn about greater technology and fabric is exactly what we wanted. We have prostaff all over the lower 48 from the desert to the mountains for deer and elk. We have tested these base layers on bear hunts in Canada and Alaska. We have developed an idea into samples, into improved products, and now into final production pieces that fit and perform to the highest of standards.