Photo Realistic Camouflage
Printing Technology
A Clear Difference

Photoflauge┬« is the maker of photo-realistic camouflage patterns utilizing digital photography and printing processes. Based in the natural state of Arkansas, we utilize our state’s diversity of seasons, variety of terrain and focus groups of hunting enthusiasts to implement the most authentic, detailed and distinct camouflage patterns on the market.

Photoflage┬« goes straight to the source for its camouflage – the woods. Unlike other camouflage patterns that are created through renderings of an artist’s interpretation, we use advanced photography and superior printing applications to bring nature to your garments. Trying to capture the beauty of nature is no easy task, but we are able to do so by using more diverse colors and shapes than any other pattern.

A simple comparison is all that is needed to see the differences between photo-realistic and hand drawn patterns

New Digital Patterns For 2016