Photo realistic Camo Print Technology

As hunters, we don’t rely on having to go to the grocery store for our meat. At Plythal, we have never understood why we would be asked to purchase gear that has been sourced by countless proxy middle men in foreign countries, with every hand it touches driving the prices up and the quality down. We saw a gap between affordable pricing and premium hunting gear. We set out to build a true layering system that would stand up to any type of hunting situation, and to do it with the average hunter in mind. Whether you are a weekend warrior or spend 200 days afield each year, there is no reason that you can’t have access to premium gear to protect you from even the harshest environments.
So with this mindset, we built a team of engineers that were instructed to work hands on in the entirety of the resourcing and manufacturing process. All the design would be created by hunters, true outdoorsmen who understand what it takes to brave the elements and be successful in the field. We understand, the only way to truly guarantee premium gear is the end product and to make it possible to keep the pricing affordable instead of paying the outrageous markup of some of the other companies in this industry.


Your next-to-skin layer is the foundation on which every other piece in your system relies, and any system is only as strong as its weakest link. We took a hard look at what’s possible in next-to-skin layers, poured over existing fabrics, resourced our own materials, hand selected only the best options, and discovered some new technologies along the way.
The reality is that there’s no one base layer that can serve every situation. Hunting styles, locations, conditions, species, and output levels vary, so to build the most comfortable system possible requires a more flexible solution. We saw a need for distinct weights in our base layer series: Camo Base Layer 1.0, Camo Base Layer 2.0, and our Blackout System Base Layer Series. Each weight displays highly efficient moisture wicking properties and incorporates Anti-microbial Scent Control Technology which allows you to stay fresh even on multi-day hunts. All the while, we had to keep costs low so that the end result would be the highest quality but the most affordable price in the market.
The result allows you to wear one base layer in your hunting scenario, get closer to the keen noses of your prey, and be more comfortable than you’ve ever been while hunting.
Why do we focus so intently on the next-to-skin layer in the first place? Simple. It’s super important that hunters build their system from the base layer out. It’s absolutely crucial for moisture management, and it’s crucial for regulating body temperature. If you’re not starting with the best base layers possible, or you’re using the wrong piece for the task at hand, you’re not setting yourself up for success. We saw an opportunity to offer both diversity and deliver a significant increase in overall performance while keeping the most competitive pricing in the market.
Not everyone hunts the same way, not everybody hunts in the same environment, and not everyone hunts in the same season. By giving the hunter multiple weights, we can allow him to fine-tune his system and meet the demands of his specific hunts. From early season high country to late season tree stand hunting we can now cover it all.

Putting the “Technology” in our Technical Gear

One of the most important technologies we used with these garments is the scent control process. As hunters, we know how important scent control is on these extended hunts. We have spent countless hours testing and re-testing products. Each garment, each layer, is treated with our Anti-microbial Scent Control. This allows our layers to retain no odor by stopping bacteria and fungi from building up. It helps to keep you from being winded by an animal as well as keeps the smell to a minimum among hunting partners.
We designed the Camo Base 1.0 Lightweight for sun and heat protection, while including thumb loops in all weights to avoid bunching of the sleeves when layering overtop. With a comfortable 4 way stretch spandex blend and Flat Lock Seam Construction we can guarantee the premium quality of all of our base layers. Each item displays highly efficient moisture wicking properties to keep your body regulated.

Field Testing

We have been developing our products for three years. We have spent countless hours in the lab testing our products and we knew as hunters, the ultimate tests would be in the field. Our prostaff and employees have been taking our products all over the nation and soon to be world to use them in an incredible variety of hunting conditions. We asked our staff to push these garments to the limits. To know where we can improve and learn about greater technology and fabric is exactly what we wanted. We have prostaff all over the lower 48 from the desert to the mountains for deer and elk. We have tested these base layers on bear hunts in Canada and Alaska. We have developed an idea into samples, into improved products, and now into final production pieces that fit and perform to the highest of standards.